Ski Boot Shoehorn: The Best $25.00 You Will Ever Spend!

Ten years ago, The Bootster’s founder, Jim Cobb, was having a hard time putting on his ski boots. His frustration turned into motivation to come up with a better way of doing it. He didn’t know then how useful others would also find his very own ski boots shoehorn. At the request of friends and family, he made more of these incredibly convenient items and soon, he was making 200 shoehorns a year for ski boots all over the country.
Now, when people experience the same frustration Jim did all those years ago, they can turn to a better, quicker, and more comfortable way of putting on their ski boots. They can use the Bootster!
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Tips on Putting on Your Ski Boot

Skiing is a sport that everyone should experience. It’s a perfect mix of technique and adventure. But the sport also has a lot of challenges. The first one is putting on the boots. Here are a few tips to help you:
● Get the boots as close to room temperature as possible. The lower the temperature of the plastic, the harder it gets.
● Put on a dry, well-fitting sock made for skiing. This will make it snug and easier to slip into the boot.
● Unlatch all the buckles and push the tongue out as far as you can.
● Use the Bootster… Voila

The Best Investment

For all the hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars people spend on skiing and snowboarding, a $25 investment on making the process of putting on your ski boots easier sounds like an amazing deal. That’s because it is. This ski boot horn is a no-brainer whether you’re serious about the sport or just trying it out.

How the Bootster Works

There’s no special science, just pure ingenuity.

You unroll the thin, flexible, and super slippery Bootster. You then slip it into your ski boot. Next, you effortlessly slide your foot in. Say goodbye to wiggling, jiggling, and frustrated grunts. You also won’t be missing the crumpled boot linings you used to get before. Once you’re done, just roll up the Bootster and keep it in your ski bag for your next ski adventure.

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Watch the Video

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Never get frustrated while putting on your ski boots again when you order the Bootster. Here are the options you have to be able to get your own special shoe horn for your ski boots.