New Invention: A Shoehorn for Ski Boots!

Retired engineer Jim Cobb has been skiing all his life. But it was just a few years ago that he finally got tired of struggling to pull on his ski boots and invented The Bootster.

What a difference!

You unroll the thin, flexible, very slippery Bootster, slip it into your ski boot, and presto! Your foot slides in smoothly – no more wiggling and jiggling and no more crumpled boot linings. When you’re done, you just roll it up and stow it in your ski bag for next time.

The Bootster is a great gift for any skier, but is especially welcomed by skiers whose knees are a little stiff, and ski mommies who can’t hit the slopes themselves till they’ve helped the kids on with their own boots and skis.

To see how The Bootster works, watch the video.


Due to some unforeseen developments for the proprietor of this one-man company, The Bootster will cease production for the summer commencing immediately. No more new orders are currently being filled. It has been our pleasure to provide this product to you over the past ten years, and we hope to begin production and sales again this fall in time for the 2023/24 ski season.

If you would like to be notified of when The Bootster is available for order again, please write us at We will be sure to let you know when we are able to once again begin production.