Why other skiers love their Bootsters

Ole, Skiwithapro.com

Jim, we are now enjoying the Bootster, both the “traditional” way of getting into the boot with the liner in place, and for me, putting the (leather) liner on first, and then sliding into the shell; it works equally well in both cases. Thank you for a good product.

Caroline Bernard

I bought your Bootster after hearing about it from the 70+ Ski Club email - and I couldn't be happier about the result. What used to take me 5 minutes of grunting, groaning and swearing now takes 8 seconds of pure bliss.  This is one happy skier!! Thanks so much!

Virginia M, Poughkeepsie, NY

Received my Bootster last week, and it works very nicely.  I've been having trouble getting into my boots for some time due to bunions, but the easy sliding provided by your product has helped.  Glad I read about your product in the 70+ newsletter and decided to "go for it"!!!

Jim Hannon

I was quite impressed with The Bootster when a friend let me use it to put on my ski boots.  Now I am quite impressed with your customer service and will be sure to tell my skiing friends.  Thanks for the extra effort on your part – we are planning on going to Crested Butte, Colorado on Jan. 31st to ski and hope to take your product along.

Richard Lambert, President, 70+ Ski Club

Thank you for sending me a "Bootster". Congratulations on your invention and contribution to skiing!  It's a slick little device!  I tried it out on the new boots I just picked up.  Even with the "bootster" it was still a tight fit, but seemed to  make an improvement.  I plan to use it this season and will share it with some other members for their evaluation.  If I get positive reviews, I will plan to include a write up in a future Newsletter.  The next letter is in the Spring, but it might be more topical in the Fall. Hope to meet you this season!


I got to the post office today and the Bootster was there! Tried it out right away and it works beautifully!  So it’s part of the gear in my boot bag from now on! Thanks, I'm so glad to have it. Heading happily off to the mountain tomorrow with my Bootster in my bag.

Susan Patterson, VT

A skier friend has one which I borrowed every time I was with her!  It  "healed" the hardest part of going skiing – putting my boots on.

Nita Goslee

Mr. Cobb, our Bootster came yesterday, February 13th.  My husband immediately got his ski boots out and tried it. My husband is 92 and still an active skier but has a hard time getting his ski boots on and so do I, so we are looking forward to getting help with the Bootster. I heard him shout “IT WORKS” and we are happy about that.  We ski at Greek Peak in Virgil, NY and will certainly pass the good word around. Thank you.

Richard Lambert, President, 70+ Ski Club

At dinner in Lake Tahoe tonight a member from Texas told me he was quite pleased with his Bootster, and someone else said the same to me in Okemo last week.  You should be very proud to have made something helping so many people!

John Broadbent

I bought a Bootster because my MS prevents me from lifting up the front of my left foot.  It’s not a problem once the boot is on since ski boots lock your feet so you don’t need that motion.  But you need that motion to put on a boot. Because of that I am very close to the point of not being able to put on a boot at all. The Bootster lets me slide my foot into the boot with hardly any “foot lifting” needed-Yay!  You have saved at least one more ski season for me! Thanks!